June 18, 2015

Auburn Holds Aviation Camp

Captain Matt West landed his ExpressJet at the Auburn University Regional Airport Thursday morning. West was met by eager students who got to check the plane out, and then climb on board.

“It gets into your blood. I’ve always known aviation is what I wanted to do, and I know a lot of these kids feel the same way. And I know they have to be excited, I’m excited,” said West.

The students came from all across the U.S. becoming the first group to ever attend the Auburn Aviation Camp.

“We have exposed the students to all types of aviation this week, from launching rockets to off course, coming in today being able to share, and get aboard with the pilots of ExpressJet,” said Bill Hutto, Airport and Aviation Center Director at the Auburn University Regional Airport.

All 23 students participating in the camp will have flight experience by the end of the week with help from their instructors.

Auburn Aviation Management Program is the oldest continuously operated aviation program in the country, and the only 4-year aviation degree program in the state of Alabama. The camp is an opportunity to showcase their program to eager new flyers.

“Part of it is about recruiting, but part of it is about sharing what we love with the students and getting them excited,” said Hutto.

The program has over 4,000 graduates to date, working around the world. One alum was on-hand Thursday to show off his skills  and sing the program’s praise.

“I earned all my ratings going through Auburn Aviation Management Program. It did a wonderful job to prepare me to become a captain for ExpressJet Airlines,” said West.

June 18, 2015