October 15, 2014

AUAC Announces Mission, Vision & Goals

PerspectiveThe Auburn University Aviation Center recently announced their mission, vision and goals.

Auburn University has provided the state of Alabama national visibility and prominence in both the educational and aviation-related industry arenas since the 1930’s. Being one of the oldest aviation programs in the United States, the university is recognized as a premier educational institution in aviation management, flight education, and aerospace engineering as well as a partner in the aviation and aerospace industry. As such, through the Auburn University Aviation Center, the university is prepared to take a lead role in furthering the state’s economic vitality in aviation and aerospace opportunities.

As part of its land grant mission, the Auburn University Aviation Center will promote education and economic development by providing a relevant aviation oriented education, by producing relevant aviation oriented research, by fostering aviation oriented economic development in the state, and by seeking to meet industry training needs.


  • Strengthen existing aviation programs
  • Expand aviation outreach programs
  • Provide aviation industry training
  • Foster aviation-oriented economic development

October 15, 2014