February 16, 2013

AABI Winter Meeting Being Held in Auburn

As most of you know, the Aviation Accreditation Board International is holding its annual Winter Meeting here in Auburn at the AU Hotel and Conference Center (full agenda at: .

There are two big events which you do not want to miss:

Tuesday, 19 Feb; 6:30:  Presentation by senior leaders from jetBlue and Cape Air on the University Gateway Program – a much quicker-than-usual pathway to a major airline!  The COO of jetBlue, Rob Maruster, as well as the heads of Human Resources, Pilot Recruiting, the Chief Pilots for jetBlue and Cape Air, and others are expected to be present.

Wednesday, 20 Feb 4:00:  Town Hall Meeting on the airline business environment as it relates to the current and future supply and demand of pilots – see the attached agenda for background, participant, and additional information.

There is no charge to Auburn students and staff for these two events; just dress to impress!  You will hear from your aviation professors and instructors about releases from class, or class substitutions in order to attend these events.

Lastly, you have a HUGE opportunity to meet industry officials and make networking contacts…possibly even leading to a job or internship…it has happened!  (See partial list of industry attendees attached) As the host institution, we of course have miscellaneous hosting duties to perform.  We need student volunteers who are willing to look sharp, and represent Auburn well!  In return, you have the chance to meet leaders from the aerospace industry; possibly to include dining with them at a luncheon on Thursday, as well as the banquet that evening!  Please email me with  the periods of time you can assist; time blocks should be at least an hour long.  Slots are available most of the week from Monday morning through the end of the day on Thursday.

We hope to see you there!

February 16, 2013